Boone area Small Stream report

With a little much needed rain, the local rivers are fishing well.  We are targeting head water streams at higher elevations, as the browns are starting to move up.  As we move into fall attractor patterns and terrestrials are the go to surface patterns.  Sub-surface is actually the opposite,  not that they wont eat big, but smaller(16-18) is whats on the menu.  As the season progresses the amount available nymphs and larva decreases, as well as their size.  The trout tend to be looking up for food this time of the year. The Slate Drakes, Isonychia, are starting to show up as well.  So size 14 Adams are a great choice.  These mayflies hatch by crawling up rocks like stoneflies.  So light weight nymphs fished near the edges can be productive.  Be sure to find water at a suitable temperature, below 68 F, as this can be the warmest water of the year.