Boone area Small Stream report

I have been spending a good bit of time lately in my local small streams.  Although water levels are low, the fishing has been quite good.  The best fishing has been in higher elevation rivers with a steep gradient.  Look for rivers with a stair step stucture, the small pools and fast water have been producing the best.  The dry dropper rig has been my go to.  Fish a buoyant dry and a heavy nymph to get down quick.  Be a ninja and fish the tough water, make those cast into hard to reach places.  I have hooked some nice fish right next to the bank and under trees.  Part of the fun is the target practice.  The morning is the best time to be on the water, with the evening being a close second.  Midday has been a little slower, but still worth fishing.  So get out there and have fun.