South Holston River Stream Report

Well high water is finally upon us on the South Holston.  After a long and low summer the TVA is finally running some water.  The high water tends to bring the sulphurs,  so the dry fly fishing is picking up.  So far the dry fly bite has been spotty, but still productive.  The nymph bite on the upper river has been very consistent.  Sulphur nymphs and midges have been getting it done.  There is still plenty of opportunity to fish low water especially on the weekends.  Low water tends to be the best opportunity to catch large fish.  The big Browns are stacking up and the sight fishing can be worth the effort.  The low water bite is centered around the midge on most of the river.  Smaller is typically better(22-24), and play around with the flash.  Dull can sometimes be the ticket on these pressured fish.  The small BWOs are starting to show up in the evening on some parts of the river.  Be sure to check the release schedule as it has been all over the map.